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Koh Chang's National Park

Explore the Beauty of Koh Chang’s National Park

Discover Koh Chang’s National Park: a haven for eco-tourism, rich biodiversity, and stunning beaches. Embark on a serene adventure in Thailand.

Did you know that the serene island of Koh Chang is a vital piece of the extensive Mu Ko Chang National Park, which holds a staggering 52 islands within its embrace? Among these, Koh Chang stands out as Thailand’s second-largest isle, a tropical bastion brimming with an allure that extends far beyond its sun-drenched beaches. Join us as we delve deep into the heart of Koh Chang’s National Park, a premier destination for Thailand attractions, renowned for its vibrant array of eco-tourism sites, and offering some of the most picturesque island hopping experiences. The island is not just another beach destination but a treasure trove of biodiversity and culture, marking its place as one of the most enticing Koh Chang attractions.

Key Takeaways

  • Koh Chang is part of the Mu Ko Chang National Park, encompassing 52 islands, highlighting Thailand’s diverse ecosystems.
  • The island offers a variety of eco-tourism sites ideal for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.
  • Koh Chang’s island hopping experiences unveil unique charms of neighboring isles including Koh Wai and Koh Mak.
  • Its rich biodiversity and marine life attract snorkelers and divers from around the world, making it a standout among Thailand attractions.
  • The island’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty ensures an authentic and sustainable travel experience.

An Introduction to Koh Chang and Mu Ko Chang National Park

Resting in the sapphire waters of the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Chang is not merely an island retreat but also the guardian of the vast Mu Ko Chang National Park. A treasure trove of koh chang nature and marine national parks, it remains largely untamed and rich in biodiversity. Trat province adventures beckon the spirit of the eco-tourist, offering an escape to the heart of Thailand’s natural splendor.

Within its 650 km² sanctuary, protected areas flourish, with approximately 70% of the island smothered in verdant rainforests. These woods are alive with an ecosystem boasting an impressive range of wildlife, from the calls of exotic birds to stealthy deer and snakes, all under the silent watch of the gentle giants, Koh Chang’s iconic elephants. On this island, the convergence of conservation and exploration exists in harmony, safeguarded by wildlife conservation efforts aimed at preserving nature’s balance.

  • Unspoiled realms serve as a natural habitat for a variety of fauna
  • The interplay of sustainable tourism and environmental protection forms the backbone of the island’s ethos
  • Commitment to conserving islands within the park shields them from the ravages of unchecked development

While the tides of tourism are ever-changing, Koh Chang remains resilient and dedicated to keeping the integrity of its natural wonders intact. Efforts to promote responsible tourism have found an ally in enhanced access, such as the close proximity to Trat’s airport, ensuring that the footprints left behind are shallow and transient. As a bastion of eco-awareness, Koh Chang and its national park stand as a testament to Thailand’s dedication to conservation and the global wildlife conservation efforts that stitch our planet’s survival and prosperity.

Traveling to Koh Chang’s National Park

Adventures to the emerald isle of Koh Chang start with the journey itself. Whether seeking the thrill of an island approach by sea or the convenience of air travel, your expedition to Koh Chang’s National Park unfolds with a range of transport options. Let’s navigate the travel tips Koh Chang offers for your seamless island transition. Consider this your guide to ferry schedules, the best Koh Chang island activities to plan upon arrival, and savvy advice for arriving from Bangkok.

Arriving from Bangkok

Embrace the excitement as you set out from the bustling streets of Bangkok to the serene landscapes of Koh Chang. Multiple modes of transit can cater to your schedule preferences and adventure levels. Opt for the skies with Bangkok Airways and find yourself landing at Trat Airport in just an hour. Your journey continues with a quick transfer to the ferry to Koh Chang, carrying you across the azure waters to the island’s doorstep. For those who prefer the romance of the road, board a bus at either Ekkamai or Morchit terminals, and settle in for a scenic 5-6 hour ride. A self-drive option delivers freedom and flex with parking available at the pier.

Travel options to Koh Chang

Ferry Adventures to the Island

Your pathway to paradise is paved with the gentle waves of the Gulf of Thailand, as ferries shuttle excited travelers from the mainland to Koh Chang. Discover the seamless connection of road and sea with services linking directly from the bus terminals to the ferry piers. Here’s a brief glance at your choices:

Ao Thammachat Pier Center Point Pier
Direct bus service available Direct bus service available
Frequent departures daily Regular departures daily
Shortest crossing to Koh Chang Slightly longer scenic route

Note the ferry’s convenience, a vital clue in perfect travel tips Koh Chang pros use: morning departures allow for full days of Koh Chang island activities upon arrival.

Navigating Local Transportation

Once your feet touch the sands of this island retreat, local transportation options abound. Songthaews, the vibrant, shared taxis, weave through the mainland offering pocket-friendly rides. They’re perfect for those eager to plunge into action, be it beach hopping, jungle trekking, or market meandering. Rent a scooter to map your route, or engage with local drivers versed in the hidden gems of the island.

Understanding Koh Chang’s Weather and Best Visiting Seasons

Navigating through Koh Chang’s National Park highly depends on understanding the dominant tropical monsoon climate of the region. With distinct Thailand weather seasons, visitors can significantly enhance their travel experience by choosing the best time to visit Koh Chang based on climatic patterns.

Koh Chang's National Park Seasons

The weather in Koh Chang is partitioned into three main seasons, each presenting unique conditions for exploration:

  1. The hot season runs from March to May. Tourists can expect temperatures to rise between 86°F and 95°F. Although the heat may be intense, the beaches and waters of this marine national park offer sublime respite. However, as May approaches, be prepared for occasional showers which can offer a refreshing break from the heat.
  2. The months from June to October mark the rainy season, with the monsoon reaching its zenith in September and October. While the rains may sometimes disrupt outdoor excursions, they also foster a lush landscape and fewer crowds, making it an ideal period for solitude seekers to enjoy the island’s natural serenity. Temperatures remain warm, hovering between 77°F and 90°F during these months.
  3. The cool season, lasting from November to February, is often cited as the best time to visit Koh Chang. Cooler air prevails, with mercury levels ranging from a comfortable 68°F to 86°F. Skies are predominantly clear, and rain is a rare guest, ensuring optimal conditions for outdoor adventures and relaxation.

Each season offers a distinct charm and an array of activities available in Koh Chang’s natural paradise. Be it high temperatures for sun-soaked beach days or mild sunlight for extended exploring, this island caters to the whims of all weather-wise travelers.

Top Attractions and Activities on Koh Chang

As a sought-after destination for eco-tourism enthusiasts, Koh Chang offers an unrivaled mix of natural splendor and exciting outdoor activities. From serene eco-tourism sites to adrenaline-fueled adventure spots, this tropical paradise caters to nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike. Whether you’re keen on immersing yourself in the depths of Koh Chang’s rainforests or exploring its vibrant marine life, your journey here promises to be filled with breathtaking moments and enchanting discoveries.

Eco-Tourism Sites and Rainforest Exploration

Those drawn to the allure of the wild will find the eco-tourism sites in Koh Chang to be truly captivating. The island’s rainforests are teeming with life and provide a unique opportunity for jungle trekking destinations within the oasis of Southeast Asia. Visitors can embark on guided treks that reveal exotic wildlife and verdant landscapes, experiencing firsthand the rich biodiversity that Koh Chang nature has to offer.

Marine Life: Snorkeling and Diving Spots

The island’s crystal-clear waters are a sanctuary for an array of marine life, making Koh Chang a top pick for snorkeling and diving aficionados. The colorful coral reefs and schools of tropical fish create an underwater tapestry that’s both mesmerizing and educational. Diving spots around the island open up worlds of underwater exploration, where divers often encounter turtles, manta rays, and a variety of fish species.

Trekking and Waterfall Discovery

Trekking through Koh Chang’s jungle trails leads to the discovery of spectacular waterfalls hidden throughout the island. These natural wonders offer a refreshing reward after a stimulating hike through the dense foliage. The cascades create tranquil spots perfect for a swim or simply to bask in the serene sounds of the surrounding nature.

Koh Chang offers a plethora of trekking trails, ranging from easy walks to more challenging hikes, that guide you through the island’s lush greenery to its majestic waterfalls. Each trail promises an exhilarating adventure packed with breathtaking scenery.

Note: All activities mentioned promote eco-friendly practices, ensuring minimal impact on the environment and contributing positively to the conservation of Koh Chang’s diverse ecosystems.Koh Chang Eco-Tourism

Activity Description Location
Mangrove Walk Explore the Salak Phet Mangrove Forest on a scenic wooden walkway. Salak Phet
Snorkeling Discover vibrant marine life and coral formations beneath the surface. Various spots around the island
Jungle Trekking Navigate through dense jungles and witness diverse flora and fauna. Trailheads across Koh Chang
Waterfall Excursions Trek to enchanting waterfalls for a swim or a photo opportunity. Multiple locations

Immersing in Local Culture and Nature’s Wonders

Experiencing Koh Chang isn’t just about the sun and surf; it’s a deep dive into the heart of traditional Thai culture. Discovering the essence of island life includes taking part in the island hopping experiences that reveal much about the wildlife conservation efforts safeguarding the archipelago’s natural heritage. As dusk falls, the vibrant fire shows at Koh Chang illuminate the beaches, showcasing a spellbinding aspect of local culture.

Among these experiences, visiting the island’s local temples presents a unique perspective on spirituality and architecture. Often nestled in lush environments that echo with tranquility, these sacred spaces afford a serene retreat from the lively beach scene. Even more culturally immersive is the opportunity to observe religious ceremonies and interact with the monks, further enriching one’s understanding of Thai customs and beliefs.

Nothing captures the spirit of Koh Chang more than a twilight fire show, with skilled performers bringing myths and island stories to life against the backdrop of the stars.

For those seeking a comprehensive cultural itinerary, the following activities should not be missed:

  • Guided tours to secluded temples, steeped in serenity and spiritual significance.
  • Evening beach walks to encounter the mesmerizing fire shows, a testament to the local performing arts scene.
  • Eco-friendly island tours showcasing sustainable practices in wildlife conservation.
  • A relaxing Thai massage on the beach, where traditional techniques offer holistic healing amidst natural splendor.
Cultural Activity Location Experience
Temple Visits Throughout Koh Chang Historical Insight & Spiritual Reflection
Fire Shows Various Beaches Entertainment & Local Tradition
Conservation Tours Protected Areas Environmental Education & Responsible Tourism
Beachside Thai Massage Beachfront Areas Relaxation & Cultural Immersion

This cultural immersion on Koh Chang isn’t just about sightseeing; it’s about engaging the senses, participating in local customs, and cherishing the harmonious blend of nature and tradition that defines this island paradise.

A Guide to Koh Chang’s Picturesque Beaches

As you meander along the coast of Koh Chang, you’ll be captured by the stunning array of beaches each offering a unique atmosphere and charm. From the bustling shores lined with amenity-rich resorts to the hidden gems that provide a serene escape, the beaches here define the quintessential beach lifestyle in Thailand. Let’s take a closer look at some of the gems this island has to offer.

White Sand Beach: The Iconic Koh Chang Experience

White Sand Beach is the harbinger of the Koh Chang beaches, a place where powdery soft sand meets the shimmering turquoise of the Gulf of Thailand. This beach is a convergence of comfort and natural beauty, offering everything from upscale accommodations to cozy seafront cafes. Whether you’re looking to indulge in water sports or simply bask under the sun, this stretch is the perfect setting.

Lonely Beach: A Bohemian Paradise

Gone are the days when Lonely Beach was just a backpacker’s retreat; it has evolved into a lush locality where one can soak in the bohemian vibes. Thatched-roof bars and quirky, artsy hangouts line the shore, welcoming travelers with its laid-back atmosphere. Come evening, the beach comes alive with music and dance, offering a tropical twist to the nightlife.

Exploring the less-traveled Sands of Klong Kloi

If seclusion is what you seek, then Klong Kloi Beach awaits at the southern tip of Koh Chang. This lesser-known haven is gradually stepping into the limelight, appreciated for its calm waters and shady palm groves. The beach’s tranquility attracts those in search of quietude and a touch of unspoiled nature. The quaint bungalows and modest eateries neighboring the beach embody the simple coastal life revered by many.

There is something truly magical about the beaches of Koh Chang. From luxurious convenience to rustic charm, the sands of this Thai island cater to the wishes of every beachgoer. Time spent here not only relaxes the body but also renews the spirit, making it a must-visit outpost for sun, sand, and surf in Thailand.


In the embrace of Thailand’s Trat Province lies Koh Chang’s National Park, an ecotourism sanctuary that marries the thrill of exploration with serene natural experiences. For those who plunge into its depths, the island reveals an astonishing array of Koh Chang diving spots and rich biodiversity both on land and underwater. The expanse of Koh Chang’s wildlife becomes apparent through meandering Koh Chang hiking trails, leading you through dense, oxygen-rich rainforests and alongside rushing waterfalls, each step an invitation to become one with nature.

Koh Chang’s allure doesn’t end at the natural; the island also presents a cultural mosaic, illuminated by the warm glow of fire shows and the resonant sounds of traditional Thai life. Whether it’s through the lens of a vibrant culture or the quietude of Koh Chang nature, the island speaks a message of balance and beauty. With these travel tips Koh Chang offers, adventurers are equipped to navigate this stunning landscape, where every moment is a brush stroke in a vibrant masterpiece of experiences.

Ultimately, a journey through Koh Chang is more than a mere vacation—it’s an adventure etched in heart and memory. Whether you seek the silent companionship of an untouched beach or the adrenaline rush of navigating coral reefs, the island’s repertoire of activities ensures that every visitor leaves with a sense of having touched something timeless. Koh Chang’s National Park—with its tapestries of land, sea, and culture—awaits to enfold you in an unforgettable embrace, promising tales to tell and wonders to cherish long after your footprints leave its shores.


What is Koh Chang’s National Park renowned for?

Koh Chang’s National Park is renowned for its lush tropical rainforests, diverse marine life, and vibrant coral reefs. It’s a key destination for eco-tourism in Thailand, offering island hopping experiences, snorkeling, trekking, and wildlife conservation efforts in an environment rich with biodiversity.

What can I expect from a visit to Mu Ko Chang National Park?

Visitors to Mu Ko Chang National Park can expect an array of adventures and activities such as hiking through dense jungles, exploring waterfalls, observing wildlife, and engaging in water activities like diving and snorkeling. The park is dedicated to conservation and showcases the natural beauty of Trat province.

What are some of the top attractions and activities in Koh Chang?

Top attractions on Koh Chang include its spectacular beaches, the awe-inspiring Khlong Plu Waterfall, and rainforest trails like Salak Phet for trekking and bird watching. Activities range from eco-tourism experiences in mangrove forests to snorkeling and diving spots that reveal an underwater world teeming with marine life.

How do you get to Koh Chang from Bangkok?

You can travel to Koh Chang from Bangkok by air, bus, or car. Flights to Trat Airport are the quickest option, while buses from Bangkok’s terminals offer a direct connection to ferry transfers. Self-driving is an option, with travel time by car taking approximately 4-5 hours to the ferry piers. Ferries then transport visitors to the island.

When is the best time to visit Koh Chang?

The best time to visit Koh Chang is during the cool season from November to February when the weather is mild with minimal rainfall, making it ideal for outdoor activities and beach time. However, this also coincides with the high tourist season.

Are there any cultural experiences on Koh Chang?

Yes, Koh Chang offers a variety of cultural experiences including exploring local temples, enjoying traditional Thai massages on the beach, and watching nightly fire shows performed by local artists. The island allows visitors to immerse themselves in the local Thai culture and traditions.

Can you recommend some beaches to visit on Koh Chang?

Certainly! White Sand Beach is perfect for sunbathing and water sports, Lonely Beach for a bohemian atmosphere and lively nightlife, and Klong Kloi Beach for a quieter retreat. Each beach offers a distinct experience with a natural backdrop ideal for relaxation and beach activities.

What kind of wildlife can be seen in Koh Chang’s National Park?

The national park is home to a variety of wildlife, including several species of birds, snakes, deer, and even elephants. The surrounding waters also harbor diverse marine life, such as colorful fish and vibrant coral reefs, making it a great spot for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers.

Is eco-tourism promoted on Koh Chang?

Yes, eco-tourism is a key focus on Koh Chang, with many initiatives and activities designed to promote environmental awareness and sustainable travel. The national park encourages visitors to explore the natural wonders while respecting the ecosystem and supporting conservation efforts.

Are there opportunities for snorkeling and diving in Koh Chang?

Absolutely. Koh Chang’s crystal clear waters and well-preserved coral reefs provide excellent conditions for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Popular spots include the vibrant reefs around the island and the HTMS Chang wreck, which is a unique dive site that attracts divers from around the world.

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