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Hostels in Koh Chang

Best Hostels in Koh Chang: Budget Stays & Fun!

Explore the best hostels in Koh Chang for an unbeatable mix of affordability, comfort, and adventure on this tropical paradise island.

Did you know that the cost of staying on the tropical island of Koh Chang can be as affordable as 200 Baht per night? Amidst the lush greenery and pristine beaches, this Thai paradise offers some of the most enticing hostels in Koh Chang, marrying budget accommodation Koh Chang with stylish comforts. Gone are the days of makeshift lodging; today, travelers can relish in clean, chic, and affordable accommodations without sacrificing the vibrant island experience. With a shift in focus from the bare minimum to the best value, these paradigmatic retreats serve as a testament to how budget travel has transformed, delivering the best hostel deals with enhanced living standards and a sense of community.

From air-conditioned dorms to invigorating hot showers, the new wave of Koh Chang hostels doesn’t just promise a place to sleep; it guarantees a snippet of paradise for the penny-wise voyager. Whether nestled in the tranquil realms of Bailan and Bangbao or at the heart of the lively beach scenes, Koh Chang’s hostels are rewriting the narrative of budget-friendly travel.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the best of both worlds with hostels in Koh Chang that balance cost and comfort.
  • Koh Chang’s evolution of budget accommodation caters to the needs of modern travelers.
  • Style and security are now staples in affordable accommodations on the island.
  • Expect more than just a bed; look forward to social spaces and experiences that foster friendships.
  • With a variety of hostel offerings, find exceptional best hostel deals that cater to your travel preferences.
  • Quality should not be compromised for cost – Koh Chang’s hostels are challenging this notion.
  • Experience a blend of serenity and social interaction with hostels situated in both bustling and peaceful areas.

Discover Koh Chang: A Backpacker’s Haven

The allure of Koh Chang is undeniable for the globetrotting backpacker. Known for its serene beaches and lush landscapes, this island paradise also boasts a wide array of backpacker hostels that blend convenience with the backpacker ethos. Lodging that doesn’t compromise on quality while staying budget-friendly is a hallmark of Koh Chang, making it a prime destination for those after affordable places to stay in Koh Chang.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet nook by the sea or a vibrant communal experience, Koh Chang hostels provide myriad options. Notable for their cleanliness and stylish decor, these hostels are designed to cater to a sense of community. It’s common to find travelers gathered in common areas, sharing stories, or planning joint excursions, enhancing the sociability factor of these stays.

Hostel Amenities Location Benefits Traveler Experience
Air-Conditioning and Secure Lockers Proximity to Klong Prao Beach Social Atmosphere and Community Living
Hot Showers and Free Wi-Fi Easy Access to Local Cuisine Cultural Exchange and Networking
Communal Lounges and Kitchens Vibrant Nightlife at Lonely Beach Adventure and Shared Exploration

Koh Chang’s reputation as an idyllic stop on the backpacker circuit is further cemented by the presence of well-maintained facilities that host both private and shared accommodations. Online platforms like Booking.com facilitate the discovery of such locations, ensuring that travelers can secure a reservation with ease. The combination of sun, sand, and sociable living creates an irresistible draw for those seeking an unforgettable adventure in Thailand’s beloved tropical retreat.

Koh Chang’s Top Hostels: Combining Comfort with Community

Among the lush landscapes and azure waters of Koh Chang, travelers seeking the best hostels in Koh Chang will find a welcoming blend of comfort and community. Whether it’s lounging by the beach, engaging in vibrant social scenes, or retreating to a cozy corner of paradise, these top picks provide affordable accommodation without skimping on the amenities that make a stay memorable.

Pajamas Hostel: Stylish Comfort a Stone’s Throw from the Beach

Just an easy stroll from the soothing sands of Klong Prao beach, Pajamas Hostel is recognized as one of the beachfront hostels that intertwines style with convenience. The hostel features modern mixed and ladies-only dormitories, along with private rooms by the pool. Cleanliness and a friendly ambiance are the hallmarks here, ensuring a stay that feels secure and sociable, perfect for both solo travelers and groups seeking budget-friendly lodging.

BB Hostel: Dive, Socialize and Stay Budget-Friendly

Dive enthusiasts and social butterflies alike are drawn to BB Hostel, the sibling of BB Divers, renowned for its underwater adventures. More than just a place to rest, it’s a spot where travelers can indulge in a mini-pool, pool table, and an assortment of games. BB Hostel not only offers backpacker accommodation; it’s a springboard to the nightlife and dive culture, making it an exceptional place to mingle and create lifelong memories.

Habitat Hostel: Sleek Design Meets Jungle Vibes

Nestled at the northern tip of Klong Prao beach, Habitat Hostel stands out with its jungle-themed décor that transforms the environment into a vibrant hangout. It’s a secure haven where travellers can unwind or socialize in the communal areas or the expansive garden. Its proximity to local shops and eateries adds to the allure, making it a hub of convenience and camaraderie for those on the lookout for budget hostels in Koh Chang.

Each of these acclaimed hostels in Koh Chang doesn’t just offer a roof over your head, but a chance to forge authentic connections. With the variety and character these accommodations offer, your search for the ultimate budget-friendly lodging experience in Koh Chang ends here.

Budget Friendly Lodging for Every Type of Traveler

Exploring the tropical paradise of Koh Chang doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag, thanks to the wide array of cheap places to stay peppered throughout the island. Thrifty explorers can delight in the ease and affordability of hostel accommodations that cater to varying tastes and preferences, ensuring a comfortable stay for all.

From the vibrant, party-centric vibe at Lonely beach to the more subdued and serene escape at Klong Prao beach, Koh Chang’s budget hostels offer an abode for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re a backpacker seeking camaraderie, a solo adventurer in need of a quiet retreat, or a group looking for a convenient home base, the hostel scene in Koh Chang has you covered, all without burning through your travel funds.

Prioritizing variety and inclusivity, here’s a glimpse at the sort of accommodations you can expect:

  • Mixed dorms for those who enjoy socializing and making new friends
  • Females-only dorms providing security and comfort
  • Private rooms for a bit of solitude amidst the social setup

These hostels are not just about giving you a place to crash; they’re about creating a community, offering a safe, secure, and sociable stay. It’s this spirit that makes Koh Chang an accessible and welcoming destination for travelers of all stripes.

Budget Hostels in Koh Chang

So whether you’re here to soak up the sun on the sandy beaches, explore the lush jungle interior, or simply unwind away from the urban chaos, know that there’s a cozy corner waiting for you on this charming island. Koh Chang’s hostel accommodations understand the needs of modern travelers, merging affordability with creature comforts and a pinch of local charm—defining budget-friendly lodging at its best.

Unsurpassed Amenities: Hostels in Koh Chang That Go Beyond

For the discerning backpacker or flashpacker looking for the best hostels on Koh Chang, look no further than gems like Beach Jungle Hostel and KLKL Hostel. These establishments are not merely places to rest your head; they are destinations in their own right, brimming with character and offering guests a chance to enjoy unique experiences.

Beachfront Relaxation and Social Spaces at Beach Jungle Hostel

Beachfront Hostels on Koh Chang

With a prime location that seduces the soul of any traveler, the Beach Jungle Hostel is a sanctuary where comfort meets artistic flair. This hostel, a creative project birthed by an Australian and Thai collaboration, has set a new benchmark for beachfront hostels on the island. From the ashes of a once-beloved ‘Q’ bar rises a curated space offering a variety of dormitories and private bungalows tailored to suit every budget.

The spirit of the hostel resonates through its cozy ambiance laden with artistic decorations and a rich array of entertainment. Live sports broadcasts, ping pong tournaments, and myriad gaming opportunities create an atmosphere that is both homey and convivial. Ideal for those who wish to mingle and make memories, Beach Jungle Hostel stands as a pinnacle of affordable accommodation with a vibrant social scene.

Kick Back and Connect at KLKL Hostel’s Communal Garden

The unique aesthetic of KLKL Hostel is instantly recognizable, drawing in guests with its quirky ‘prison camp chic’ design. Secure and welcoming, its high-wired fences and loft-style bungalows speak to a free-spirited clientele. A feature that sets this hostel apart is its spacious garden and pool area – a hub for connection and relaxation.

Situated in a livelier pocket of Koh Chang, KLKL Hostel becomes the heart of the party after sunset. Its social environment, coupled with free wi-fi and the laughter that spills out of its communal spaces, make it a magnet for travelers seeking to indulge in the island’s festive atmosphere. While it may not boast the luxurious trimmings of more upscale backpacker hostels on Koh Chang, KLKL Hostel remains unmatched for those in pursuit of fun and budget-friendly accommodations.


For travelers yearning to explore the pristine shores and lush rainforests of Thailand on a budget, Koh Chang emerges as a sanctuary offering affordable accommodations. The cheap hostels in Thailand found on this island are far from mere places to sleep; they serve as social hubs, points of cultural exchange, and gateways to the adventures that lie in wait. From solo adventurers to groups, these top-rated hostels cater to all with a promise of value and vibrancy.

The choices available range from the eclectic energy of community-focused hostels to the tranquil ambiance of retreats nestled amid nature. To illustrate the diversity and allure of Koh Chang’s accommodations, we’ve curated a descriptive table showcasing a selection of hostels that champion both comfort and camaraderie, all while keeping an eye on the economics of travel.

Affordable Hostels in Koh Chang

Hostel Name Type of Accommodation Features Ambiance Price Range (THB)
Pajamas Hostel Dorms & Private Rooms Air-conditioning, Pool, Social Events Modern, Boutique 300 – 1200
BB Hostel Dorms & Diver’s Lodgings Mini-pool, Dive Center, Social Games Energetic, Social 250 – 800
Habitat Hostel Dorms & Deluxe Rooms Communal Lounge, Keycard Security, Garden Area Serene, Jungle Aesthetic 300 – 1000

The array of affordable accommodations Koh Chang provides is undoubtedly a testament to the island’s commitment to delivering an exceptional hostel experience without the hefty price tag. Guests are often pleasantly surprised by the standard of service, facilities, and cleanliness that these budget-friendly options extend.

In conclusion, Koh Chang is adorned with a multitude of hostels each brandishing its unique charm. The island not only promises a memorable stay but invites travelers to immerse themselves in a community-oriented, cost-effective, and comprehensive hostel culture. Now more than ever, the dream of endless summer and lasting connections is a wallet-friendly reality in Koh Chang.

Alternative Accommodations: Embracing Koh Chang’s Rustic Charm

Seeking a serene hideaway that captivates the essence of Koh Chang’s natural beauty? Look no further! Beyond the commonality of hostels, this verdant island beckons with an array of cheap stays for those enchanted by simplicity and tradition. Cheap huts and bungalows dot the coastline and interior, offering a retreat that merges seamlessly with the local landscape, promising an authentic Thai experience.

From charming fan huts hidden beneath the palm trees to stilted bungalows perched along the tranquil shores, budget accommodation in Koh Chang doesn’t mean skimping on the experience. These dwellings are often family-run, ensuring guests receive a warm welcome and insider knowledge of the island’s hidden gems. Immerse yourself in the relaxed pace of island life, listen to the symphony of the sea and wildlife, and savor the simplicity that enthralls many a traveler.

Accommodation Type Location Description Price Range
Basic Fan Hut Kai Bae Beach Traditional Thai hut with fan, mosquito net, and shared bathroom facilities. $10-$15 per night
Beachfront Bungalow White Sand Beach Newly renovated bungalow with sea views, private bathroom, and hammock. $20-$30 per night
Family-Run Guesthouse Lonely Beach Cozy rooms with basic comforts in a friendly, communal setting. $15-$25 per night
Secluded Jungle Hut Bailan Bay A rustic hideaway among the trees, ideal for those seeking peace and privacy. $12-$18 per night

In the realm of budget accommodation in Koh Chang, these cost-effective sanctuaries not only offer a place to rest but also an opportunity to connect with nature and local life. Whether it’s a no-frills hut on the quieter ends of the island or a beachfront bungalow with the bare essentials, these accommodations cater to the free spirit and the economically savvy.

Choose a stay that resonates with your travel ethos and prepare to uncover the island’s enchanting simplicity. With such affordable and alluring options, the dream of a budget-friendly Koh Chang vacation is easily realized.

Booking and Travel Tips: Making the Most of Your Koh Chang Hostel Experience

Embarking on an adventure to Koh Chang can be both exhilarating and budget-friendly when you plan ahead. Securing your accommodation through platforms like Booking.com or TripAdvisor not only provides access to the best hostels on Koh Chang, it also offers peace of mind with confirmed reservations. Savvy travelers know that these sites also serve as a treasure trove of user ratings and reviews, critical tools that can help pinpoint the perfect budget-friendly lodging tailored to individual preferences and travel styles.

When browsing for cheap hostels in Koh Chang, take into account more than just the price tag. Assess the location’s proximity to beaches, local markets, and the type of social vibe it presents. In-depth research of available amenities, from communal kitchens to free Wi-Fi, can enhance your stay immensely. Moreover, don’t overlook the importance of cultural experiences; some hostels offer local tours or cooking classes, deepening your connection to this vibrant Island.

Ultimately, selecting the right hostel extends beyond finding a place to sleep—it’s about crafting the backdrop for your island escapades. Whether you seek serene solitude or a lively communal setting, Koh Chang’s selection of hostels can cater to every chapter of your travel story. Prepare to immerse yourself in the beauty, culture, and community of Koh Chang, all while enjoying accommodations that are as wallet-friendly as they are wistful.


What options are available for budget accommodation in Koh Chang?

Koh Chang offers a variety of budget accommodations including hostels, backpacker hostels, affordable guesthouses, budget-friendly lodgings, and rustic bungalows, catering to different preferences and budgets.

Are the accommodations in Koh Chang suitable for backpackers?

Absolutely, Koh Chang is considered a backpacker’s haven with many hostels and budget lodgings designed to meet the needs of backpackers. These accommodations often include communal areas, social activities, and are situated in convenient locations.

Can I find beachfront hostels in Koh Chang?

Yes, Koh Chang has several beachfront hostels that offer great views and easy access to the beach, such as Pajamas Hostel near Klong Prao beach and Beach Jungle Hostel which is situated in the heart of backpacker territory.

Are there hostels in Koh Chang that offer private rooms?

Many hostels in Koh Chang provide a range of accommodations, including dormitories, female-only dorms, as well as private rooms for those seeking more privacy.

What kind of facilities can I expect in the hostels in Koh Chang?

Facilities vary by hostel but typically include air-conditioning, hot showers, free Wi-Fi, communal lounges, gardens, security features like CCTV and keycard access, and sometimes even small pools and entertainment options.

Are there budget accommodations that cater to divers in Koh Chang?

Yes, divers can find budget accommodations such as BB Hostel, which is related to BB Divers, one of the top-rated dive centers on the island. This hostel offers amenities conducive to divers and a sociable atmosphere.

Are there eco-friendly or uniquely themed hostels on the island?

Hostels like Habitat Hostel offer unique themes, such as tropical jungle designs, which blend eco-friendliness with creative aesthetics and modern comforts.

Is it important to book my hostel stay in Koh Chang in advance?

It’s always a good idea to book in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to ensure availability and potentially secure the best deals.

What are some alternatives to hostels for budget accommodation in Koh Chang?

Besides hostels, budget travelers can opt for fan huts, bungalows, and affordable places to stay like Independent Bo’s or Siam Cottage which offer distinct local experiences and tranquil settings.

Where can I find the best deals for hostels in Koh Chang?

Travelers can find the best hostel deals on booking platforms such as Booking.com and can utilize user reviews on sites like Tripadvisor to help choose accommodations that fit their travel style and preferences.

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