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Best Beaches of Phi Phi

Top Best Beaches of Phi Phi You Must Visit

Discover the best beaches of Phi Phi, a tropical paradise with white sands and crystal-clear waters perfect for your beach getaway.

Did you know that the heavenly Phi Phi Islands in Thailand house over 20 distinct beaches? Each one, uniquely adorned with towering cliffs, shimmering seas, and powdery sands is an experience in itself. Truly, it’s no wonder why many deem the best beaches of Phi Phi as some of the greatest on the planet!

With a compelling blend of tranquility and adventure, the Phi Phi Island beaches masterfully create an ambiance unlike anywhere else. Whether you’re a solitude seeker, an adventure enthusiast, or a party animal, these exquisite beaches have something special waiting just for you. Read along as we venture into the heart of this tropical paradise and give you the ultimate Phi Phi beach guide!

Key Takeaways

  • The Phi Phi Islands are a supreme beach destination, comprising over 20 glorious beaches.
  • Each beach stands out with its own unique character, offering a versatile range of experiences for all types of vacationers.
  • From the cinematic wonder of Maya Bay to the energetic vibes of Loh Dalum Beach – the top Phi Phi beaches cater to a spectrum of desires and expectations.
  • Beyond just lounging and sunbathing, Phi Phi Island beaches also serve as thrilling adventure hubs, hosting a myriad of water sports and activities.
  • Despite their popularity, the beaches of Phi Phi have remarkably preserved their natural allure and tranquility.

Discover the Tropical Paradise of Phi Phi Island Beaches

Behold the tropical splendor of Phi Phi Island beaches—renowned havens where sun, sand, and sea converge to create an unparalleled beach holiday. Envision an inspiring journey that begins with the sandy isthmus of Phi Phi Don and unfolds across secluded bays like Phak Nam Bay, where exclusivity meets serenity, taking you through the tropical paradise beaches and ranking as best beaches in phi phi thailand.

With no motorized vehicles on the island, one can truly embrace the tranquility of these tropical paradise beaches. Explore the shores of Long Beach and Monkey Beach, which are easily accessible by foot, kayak, or traditional longtail boats, and deserve their status in any phi phi island beach ranking.

As the gateway to the islands, Tonsai Bay buzzes with vibrant activity amid its scenic appeal, offering an intriguing contrast to the laid-back ambiance of the nearby Laem Tong Beach. Experience the stark differences between these hot spots, with Tonsai Bay’s vibrant atmosphere and Laem Tong Beach’s peaceful serenity.

Beach Accessibility Atmosphere
Tonsai Bay Gateway to islands Busy and vibrant
Laem Tong Beach Longtail boat or ferry Laid-back and tranquil

Unveiling the Wonders of Maya Bay

Enthralled by the scenic beach views and turquoise waters of Thailand, tourists from around the world continue to flock to one of the must-visit beaches in Phi Phi – Maya Bay. This hidden paradise, edged by towering limestone cliffs, attracts a multitude of vacationers and explorers alike, yearning to experience the allure of its untouched natural beauty.

Maya Bay, one of the top beaches in Phi Phi at sunset

A Cinematic Paradise: The Legacy of ‘The Beach’

Immortalized in the famous film ‘The Beach’, Maya Bay’s reputation boomed, permanently etching itself in the annals of cinematic history. Despite laying claim to fame, Maya Bay has managed to protect its charm and remains perennially appealing, offering an enchanting allure that’s hard to resist.

Exploring the Pristine Waters and Coral Reefs of Maya Bay

Dive deeper into the allure of Maya Bay by exploring its underwater world. Brimming with vibrant marine life and colorful coral reefs, the bay is a snorkeler’s paradise. For those who prefer seeing the beauty from the shore, the beach reveals hidden nooks and crannies at low tide. Opt for early morning or post-5 PM visits to experience Maya Bay’s serenity, unmarred by the bustle of speedboats and throngs of tourists.

Whether you’re an explorer at heart, a film fanatic, or a beach lover, Maya Bay offers an unforgettable experience. Undoubtedly, it’s a top choice among the top beaches in Phi Phi, delivering an experience that leaves a lasting imprint on the hearts of its visitors.

Best Beaches of Phi Phi: Monkey Beach and its Inhabitant Charm

Monkey Beach, a captivating spot nestled in the cove of Ao Ling on Phi Phi Don, is a memorable highlight on any Phi Phi beach itinerary. Renowned for its distinctive resident monkeys, Monkey Beach provides travelers with a unique interaction opportunity unlike other phi phi beach activities.

Keen eyed visitors often get a pleasant surprise as vivacious, furry friends scamper down from surrounding trees to the beach, anticipating treats from tourists. A word of caution though, these monkeys, while charming, are wild animals and tourists are advised to observe them responsibly from a safe distance.

While some may be content with a short stop on their island tours, others might prefer a prolonged stay in this charismatic haven. As such, Monkey Beach is conveniently accessible by foot or by rented kayak, offering versatile visiting options that cater to your preferred pace of travel.

Far more than a feeding ground for monkeys, the beach is an ideal spot for exploring the island’s natural beauty. Its crystal-clear waters and pristine sands create the perfect setting for a leisurely beach day or a vibrant exploration of the various indigenous wildlife that populate the area.

For those seeking an immersive experience, a comprehensive journey through the island’s breathtaking beaches and nature trails is highly recommended. Explorers may stumble upon rare wildlife sightings, making their monkey beach phi phi adventure even more thrilling.

Sporting picturesque views and singular wildlife encounters, Monkey Beach stands at the pinnacle of phi phi beach activities, promising visitors a memorable and exciting adventure unique to Phi Phi islands.

After a day filled with adventure, there’s no better way to unwind than at one of the island’s exquisite beachfront resorts. Offering panoramic views of the azure waters, these resorts serve as tranquil sanctuaries that perfectly round off the day’s activities with an air of indulgence and tranquility.

Relaxing Vibes at Long Beach’s White Sandy Shores

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking tranquility that emanates from Long Beach, a favored spot among tourists seeking a fulfilling Phi Phi beach vacation. With its powdery white sands stretching across the expansive stretch near Tonsai Village on Koh Phi Phi Don, Long Beach presents an enticing blend of relaxation and adventure.

Shark Point Long Beach

Snorkeling Adventures: Discovering Shark Point’s Underwater Treasures

Long Beach is not only about sunbathing and reading a favorite book on the beach; it also offers thrilling experiences like snorkeling at Shark Point. It won’t be surprising if one gets to see the harmless black-tip reef sharks and a rich variety of marine life. So for those who yearn for an underwater odyssey, Long Beach certainly ranks among the top Phi Phi beach resorts.

Tranquility Meets Convenience: Long Beach Amenities

What can one expect from an ideal beach? Perhaps pristine sands, tranquil waters, and, most importantly, the essential amenities nearby. Luckily, Long Beach checks all these prerequisites. The lack of sun loungers maintains the beach’s calm, urging visitors to appreciate the simple act of laying a towel on the sand. There are mini marts within proximity that cater to your basic necessities. Indeed, a day spent at Long Beach is both enjoyable and remarkably enriching.

Whether it’s lounging on the shore, diving into the fascinating underwater kingdom, or merely appreciating the serene beach view, Long Beach holds the foundational elements for an exceptional Phi Phi beach vacation.

Laem Tong Beach: The Secluded Beachfront Haven

Situated on the northern stretches of Phi Phi Don, the secluded Laem Tong Beach, bordered by tranquil turquoise waters and lush green forests, awaits your discovery. This secret haven, reminiscent of the ambiance found on Koh Lipe further south, offers an unparalleled beachfront experience only accessible by water-taxi or longtail boat from Tonsai Bay.

Laem Tong Beach

A soothing retreat for its visitors, Laem Tong Beach stretches out almost a kilometer, drawing swimmers and snorkelers alike with the tantalizing promise of a vibrant coral reef just a short distance from its coast. The allure of other secluded beaches in Phi Phi is highlighted by the nearby Mosquito Island, Bamboo Island, and Hin Klang each revealing their unique snorkeling gems.

Your comprehensive Phi Phi Island beach guide is incomplete without a visit to the less-trafficked, serene banks of Laem Tong Beach.

Beach Accessibility Special Attractions
Laem Tong Beach Water-taxi or longtail boat from Tonsai Bay Vibrant coral reef, nearby snorkeling spots
Mosquito Island Boat Snorkeling, Scenic views
Bamboo Island Boat Untouched beaches, peaceful atmosphere
Hin Klang Boat Snorkeling, Secluded beaches

For anyone yearning for an unparalleled tranquil experience, away from the hustle, Laem Tong Beach, with its stunning sceneries and charming beachfront resorts, proves to be the perfect destination. This less frequented corner of Phi Phi Don offers a peaceful retreat to every traveler looking for serenity amidst the overwhelming beauty of mother nature.

“The beach is not a place to work; to read, write or to think.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea

  1. Take a calming longtail boat ride to the shores of Laem Tong Beach.
  2. Immerse in the splendid beauty of the turquoise waters and verdant forests.
  3. Explore the vibrant coral reef boasting a colorful array of marine life.
  4. Visit the secluded beaches of the nearby islands for more snorkeling adventures.

Come, embrace the untouched beauty and tranquility of Phi Phi’s Laem Tong Beach!

Loh Dalum Beach: Phi Phi’s Hub for Beach Fun and Nightlife

Want to experience an electric blend of sun-kissed days and vibrant nights during your phi phi beach holiday? Look no further than Loh Dalum Beach!

Distinct from its tranquil sister beaches, Loh Dalum Beach is a haven for energetic revelers and sun-lovers alike. Tucked near Tonsai Village within an enclosed bay, it offers a beach setting where joy, laughter, and play are the order of the day. When the sun dips behind the horizon, it’s time for Loh Dalum to really shine.

The Warm Shallow Waters: Ideal for Family Fun

One of the many phi phi island beach activities enjoyed by families, the warm and shallow waters of Loh Dalum Beach provide a safe and inviting playground for kids and their parents. The beach is a delightful spot to build sand castles, engage in a friendly game of beach volleyball, or simply soak up the sun while immersed in its azure waters.

A Night to Remember: Fire Shows and Music on the Beach

As the sun sets, Loh Dalum Beach undergoes a vibrant transformation. It comes alive with an electrifying aura, as fire performers light up the night and musicians play tunes that invite everyone to dance under the stars. Whether you’re witnessing the flame masters’ dextrous acrobatics or joining in the glossy sand dancefloor, nights at Loh Dalum are truly memorable.

Despite the bustling crowds during the peak-season, Loh Dalum Beach ensures unforgettable moments where the spirit of beach fun and the allure of island nightlife intertwine seamlessly. As countless phi phi beach reviews attest, these memorable experiences tend to feature at the top of a Phi Phi Island beach holiday.

Exploring the Idyllic Shores of Bamboo Island

Primarily known for its untouched scenic beauty, Bamboo Island, part of the Phi Phi Islands, extends an open invitation to travelers seeking a serene beach escape, devoid of the hustle-bustle of the mainland resorts. The island truly encapsulates the essence of tranquility and stands as an island paradise that caters to the dreams of beach enthusiasts and those in pursuit of peaceful solitude that can be found only in renowned Phi Phi beach resorts.

Island Hopping Paradise: Engaging Water Activities at Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island’s steady allure roots from the wealth of beach activities in Phi Phi one can participate in. The exotic marine life lying beneath the turquoise waters of the sea makes it a thriving hotspot for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. This island stands as an epitome of the laid-back island lifestyle and is a significant stop for those interested in island hopping in Phi Phi. Its shallow, clear waters are perfect for swimming, while the white sandy beaches adorned with coconut palms offer the ideal space for sunbathing. Savor the exhilaration of the warm tropical sun as you bask in the glorious landscape surrounding you. The island ensures an idyllic backdrop for all those seeking a respite from their monotonous city life.

Temporary Escapes: Embracing Simplicity on a Remote Beach

The island’s appeal is heightened by its simplicity, offering a unique opportunity to escape in its untamed natural beauty. Despite the lack of permanent facilities, the island abundantly fulfills every visitor’s desire for a perfectly serene getaway, free from distractions. Revel in the serenity and the raw, untouched beauty that signifies Bamboo Island. The charm of the remote island lifestyle can be felt while exploring the locale, encapsulating the essence of an authentic tropical getaway.


The best beaches of Phi Phi stand as unparalleled testaments to the islands’ prominence as a superior beach destination. From the famed Maya Bay to the tranquil haven of Laem Tong Beach, each stretch of sand resonates with its own distinctive charm and appeal.

Whether it is the lure of cinematic grandeur, thrilling encounters with indigenous wildlife, underwater excursions, or an evening illuminated with dancing flames, Phi Phi’s beaches extend a vibrant tapestry on which the memories of a lifetime are crafted and narratives unraveled. This is more than just a location—it’s a paradise waiting to be reveled in and cherished.

As the waves roll out and the remnants of footprints slowly vanish, the soul of these experiences continues to linger, indelibly etched onto the hearts of each wanderer who sets foot on Phi Phi’s shores. This Phi Phi beach guide serves as a symbol of the islands’ undying allure, stoking the flame of wanderlust in every voyaging soul.


What are the top beaches in Phi Phi?

Some of the must-visit beaches in Phi Phi include Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, Long Beach, Laem Tong Beach, Loh Dalum Beach, and Bamboo Island.

How does Maya Bay stand out among Phi Phi Island beaches?

Maya Bay stands out due to its cinematic fame depicted in the movie ‘The Beach’. Its pristine waters, vibrant coral reefs, and hidden beaches revealed at low tide make it a must-visit scenic beach view for explorers.

What makes Monkey Beach one of the best beaches in Phi Phi?

Monkey Beach features a unique beach experience where visitors can interact with the lively resident monkeys waiting to be fed. Its charm combined with beachfront activities make it a top beach resort destination in Phi Phi.

What can one expect at Long Beach in Phi Phi?

Long Beach is celebrated for its soft white sandy shores and tranquil vibe. Visitors can engage in snorkeling adventures at Shark Point and enjoy the convenience of nearby amenities, making it a top choice for a Phi Phi beach vacation.

What sets Laem Tong Beach apart from other Phi Phi beaches?

Laem Tong Beach is a secluded beachfront haven with tranquil shores, turquoise waters, and lush green forests. Accessible only via water-taxi or longtail boat, it offers a vibe reminiscent of a secluded beach in Phi Phi.

What makes Loh Dalum Beach a hub for beach fun and nightlife?

Loh Dalum Beach is known for its festive atmosphere. Its warm, shallow waters are perfect for family fun in the day, and by night, it transforms into an electrifying scene with fire performances and music, making it a must-visit destination for a Phi Phi beach holiday.

What can visitors expect at Bamboo Island?

Bamboo Island offers an untouched charm with its pristine sands and water activities such as diving and snorkeling. Its lack of permanent facilities makes it an ideal escape for those seeking simplicity in a remote beach.

What is the best way to get around Phi Phi Island?

There are no motorized vehicles on Phi Phi Island, so the best ways to explore are on foot, by kayak, or by traditional longtail boats. Boat services also make island hopping in Phi Phi convenient.

Is Phi Phi Island a family-friendly beach destination?

Absolutely. Phi Phi Island boasts several family-friendly beaches like Loh Dalum Beach, with its warm and shallow waters, perfect for children. The island also offers a variety of beach activities suitable for the whole family.

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